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Covid 19 virus postpones “Reinventing America” Talk Series | June Festival still on schedule

Leading with love over fear, Chautauqua has proactively decided to cancel the rest of the Chautauqua Talk Series. The June Festival is still on schedule. Because of the current Covid-19 virus situation, there will be no Chautauqua activities through mid-May. We are still evaluating the possibility that the June Festival will remain as scheduled.

How appropriate our 2020 theme of “Reinventing America.” The Covid-19 virus is challenging our American ingenuity and perseverance. More then ever we will need Ben Franklin’s “science and reason,” Thomas Edison’s “perspiration,” Nikola Tesla’s “inspiration,” Hedy Lamarr’s “ceiling crashing,” and Rosa Parks’s “grit.”

Go online to your local library and download some free books on these famous game-changers and get inspired. We’ll be tired of isolation after the medical crisis passes and be in need Chautauqua’s opportunity to talk back to History.

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