Chautauqua “Reinventing America Festival” scheduled for September 3 – 12, 2021

With the arrival of Covid-19 vaccines, Chautauqua has rescheduled the History Comes Alive Festival “Reinventing America” for September 3 – 12, 2021 with outdoor live performances. Virtual programming will also continue.

The Greenville Festival will have outdoor performances at 7pm at night and at 10am during the day at the Mauldin Cultural Center Amphitheater. Additional shows are scheduled in North Carolina at the Warren Wilson College Pavilion and the Transylvania County Library Amphitheater. All of our incredible performers have agreed to return. So yes, you will be able to meet and ask questions of Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Hedy Lamarr and Rosa Parks.

Little did we know when Chautauqua chose the theme of Reinventing America, that  we would be literally holed up in our homes or valiantly battling an invisible foe in our hospitals. We have had our lives turned upside down. Yet we have come up with amazing ways to cope with this disaster. This is what Americans do. We improvise, adapt, adjust, find ways to live through. We reinvent ourselves.

As the Covid-19 virus challenges our American ingenuity and perseverance, more then ever we will need Ben Franklin’s “science and reason,” Thomas Edison’s “perspiration,” Nikola Tesla’s “inspiration,” Hedy Lamarr’s “scientific foresight,” and Rosa Parks’s “grit.” And come this September at the History Comes Alive Festival, we’ll have our own stories of Reinventing America to share.


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    Maryanna Levenson says:

    We and friends of ours received the History Alive Newsletter today. After searching the Newsletter, the https://historycomesalive.org/ website and Greenville Chautauqua: History Comes Alive Facebook page we cannot find the actual dates for the Greenville performances in September. What are we missing? And why were they moved from the Greenville Tech campus?
    Maryanna Levenson

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      Caroline McIntyre says:

      Maryanna, so sorry to not have responded to your question earlier. We moved from Greenville Tech campus because they could not commit to being open to the public in September. We plan to return to Greenville Tech next June 2022. Another concern at Greenville Tech was that we didn’t feel the close confines of the Tent were as covid-safe as having the shows in the Mauldin Outdoor Amphitheater where there is a stage to hang lights and provide sound. From your home in Taylors it’s just 5 minutes more drive time than Greenville Tech. All of the performance date have now been finalized. Since everything is different for outdoor show in September it took some time to finalize everything. Let me know if you have any other questions: Caroline McIntyre 864-244-1499 or caroline@greenvillechautauqua.org

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