Pan Am Betty – FREE Online Event

Event details

  • August 10, 2023
  • 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Virtual event. See link below.
  • 864-244-1499

  |   Cost: Free. Registration Required.  Click here to register.

Fasten your uniform buttons and get ready to travel back to the golden age of air travel. In the 1960s, when jets were new, the stewardess was an all-American fantasy: hostess, nurse, cook, therapist and even sex symbol. In this virtual historical portrayal, historian Leslie Goddard, Ph.D., takes you on an exciting, true story about the real-life stewardesses for Pan Am, the most glamorous U.S. airline. Learn about serving the rich and famous; about the strict height, weight and age requirements; about cooking gourmet meals and enduring some wild rides. Buckle up – this is one flight you won’t forget.

Inspired by the books “Up in the Air” by Betty Riegel (2020) and “Come Fly the World” by Julia Cooke (2021).