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Chautauqua “Reinventing America Festival” tentatively rescheduled for June 11 – 20, 2021

With the announcement of new Covid-19 vaccines, Chautauqua is cautiously evaluating the possibility of producing the History Comes Alive Festival “Reinventing America” in June 2021. Programing through May 2021 will continue as virtual events.

We will continue to monitor the situation in hopes that by June it will be safe to have live performances. The Festival will probably be a combination of evening out-door shows (open air with no tent) and daytime virtual events. It may be prudent to postpone until September. All of our incredible performers have agreed to return. So yes, you will be able to meet and ask questions of Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Hedy Lamarr and Rosa Parks. Just where and when and how is up in the air.

Little did we know when Chautauqua chose the theme of Reinventing America, that at this time we would be literally holed up in our homes or valiantly battling an invisible foe in our hospitals. We have had our lives turned upside down. Yet we are coming up with amazing ways to cope with this disaster. This is what Americans do. We improvise, adapt, adjust, find ways to live through. We reinvent ourselves. As the Covid-19 virus challenges our American ingenuity and perseverance, more then ever we will need Ben Franklin’s “science and reason,” Thomas Edison’s “perspiration,” Nikola Tesla’s “inspiration,” Hedy Lamarr’s “ceiling crashing,” and Rosa Parks’s “grit.” And come next June at the History Comes Alive Festival, we’ll have our own stories of Reinventing America to share.

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